How Do You Really Know If You’re Falling in Love?

You can’t sleep or eat; you feel restless and feel like you are flying…. Well, either you are in deep love or it could be a signal for bipolar mania. Alarming right?

It is so because love and bipolar disorder are so alike that they can be easily confused with each other for a very long time.

A team of psychiatrists did a study over bipolar mania in contrast with love.  And found out strange similarities between the two.

According to Professor Elizabeth from Columbia University, being in maniac or hypo maniac situation makes you feel the same as in love. This results in intense behaviors and feelings where the effected person is unable to understand his own mental state.

A patient shared her experience about this love like experience and after that being diagnosed as bipolar.  She says it felt like the most perfect relationship ever. It was like having perfect soul-mate and an out of the world experience. It was intense and made her feel euphoric and magical.

Later on when she was counseled and better educated about her condition she described her love of life as aggressive, controlling and abusive which she didn’t recognize before when she was suffering from bipolar disorder.

According to research of that team slowing down is the best remedy to avoid such a roller coaster illusion love experience. This helps you figure out better that whether it is your mental state that is driving you crazy or is it the true love.

A professional social worker A. Morin, counsels her clients by asking the about the “three Cs” involved in a relationships: one is chemistry other is compatibility and last one is commitment.

If these do not exist and still the person suffering from mania consider it as a way out or antidote to their depression then it is time to consider a checkup.

“Love is the Drug” is a song sung by British band Roxy Music in 70s and it has proved to be having a literal truth residing in those words. This is because being in love triggers same dopamine release as it does in addiction. Real love causes nerve growth which comes back to normal after a year while being maniac lover triggers other pleasure systems to serve in place of nerve growth.


So when in love be aware of yourself, slow down and notice even finest detail of your behaviors and actions. Are you being crazy in love or are you being maniac crazy in love. Look for the compatibility the sense the real calm self in that love affair and if it’s only over crazy obsession its tie for you to reconsider your mental health.



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