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Why we should be hanging around books. (The real truth)

The Books:

Why do we need books ? ’cause they save a soul from misery. 

Books, in my opinion are really great. No ! Don’t run away people , I am not talking about the books that your professors force you to go through. I am talking about all those wonderful and beautiful books out there with words that are powerful enough to take you to another dimension, in another time and in another place. Words that can transform you, for the good that is. Here I am going to break it down into points to show why you need books more than your social media accounts.

1. Expands your horizons : Now this is something really odd and let me tell you why. This phrase “Expanding your horizons” is mostly used when we try a new job at a new place, or we go to some other country and learn their cultural values. So why use this phrase for books? Yes, That is the right question to ask. Books have this special ability to let their readers experience all that is written inside. All those words come together and form a clear picture in the reader’s mind. Want a proof of this?  For example, After reading a good book , someone might say “The story written in this one was pretty tragic, I could not bear to see the young child die like that.” Now read the sentence again and focus on the word “see“. Conclusion of this all? Books let you “see” or if simply put, the words let you visualize the whole scenario in your mind. Pretty amazing right?

2. Saves you from all that Negativity : Ah this one. This reason is pretty close to my heart. Life is really like a ride you don’t want to go on and some situations and circumstances might put you in a bit of a weird state. E.g there might be a person who hurts you and if you are a malang at heart you will agree upon this 100% , that you absolutely HATE it when negative thoughts and feelings disturb you. You really dont like to think bad of anybody so your possible shields from all this negativity are?  Yes you guessed that right. Prayers and books. Books don’t let your mind wander into the darkness. This in turn saves you from depression , anxiety and many other psychological issues. Books really elevate your moods and keeps you in a peaceful state. Oh and A quick book suggestion; do read “How to stop worrying and start living.” By Dale Carnegie. He is amazing when it comes to playing with words. When it comes to selecting books , be creative in your choice.

3. Books Motivate You : Biographies are superb. It’s like peeking in another person’s life. To learn how a person started from nothing and later on gained such fame and respect really motivates you. It also gives you the idea on how you can cope with life and reminds you that you are not the only person who has suffered in this world. There are millions and millions of people and millions of stories but in the end all that matters is that you don’t give up on yourself and on your dreams. Take Bobby Fischer’s example. He was a troubled human being to begin with but today he is regarded as one of the strongest chess players in history. So whenever you go through a book, make a list of all the things you have learned and how they can be implemented in your life.

So Grab a book right now, go to your nearest cafe and enjoy the read along with a good cup of coffee ♡ ♡ ♡

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