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The importance of social media marketing in the business world

Use your internet and use it wisely. Let your friends on social media know. That’s what marketing is.

Now-a-days, it is so easy to get any work done online. Either you have bills to pay or buy a new dress, all of this is just a few clicks away. Because of the internet the world is now connected. It’s easier for people to connect with their relatives , family and loved ones. But what has it done for the business community? Let’s find out more.

Social platforms and The world of business : 

My facebook feed is always full of Ads. Stuff for sale ; like a good blender or a cosmetic product. Here’s what is happening; this is called social media marketing. People Advertise their products online so more people can know about them and avail the products or jobs they have to offer. And if their products are according to the trend , people will take interest in them. But all of this is done very systematically and the seller has to keep certain things in mind before starting an online business. It’s a risk, but if you approach people the right way, it’s sure to become a success.

Instagram and snapchat are really popular among teens, so people who adverstise their products on these social platform; they make sure that the product they are selling is what the teens demand. The product should be made keeping in mind all of those things that attract a teenager. Likewise when a seller is targeting older people , he/she should give importance to their needs and demands. And most importantly, they should gain the trust of their customers.

Here’s how you can run your own online business successfully.               

Tip #1 : Keep a track of trends.

For a business person, you should always be aware of the trends; what’s in and what’s not; all should be in your knowledge. Successful businessmen never ignore the trends that go around them.

Tip #2 : Know the difference between a “Need” and a “Demand”.

Commonly, people confuse the meanings behind a need and a demand. A need is something that is necessary for one’s living, like food and clothes etc. A demand is something different. It’s the new interest people gain in stuff every now and then e.g like a new phone model. When designing your products, you should always bear in mind what the people need and what are their demands.

Tip #3 : No compromise on quality:

There should be no compromise on the quality and whatsoever. Try to keep your product’s price at a medium and the quality good. Only then will you be able to gain your customer’s trust.

Tip #4 : Turn your customers into Advertisements.

If your product is really good and delivers the results it promises; your customers are sure to become your ads. They will go around telling other people about your excellent products and soon enough you won’t even need a media company to advertise for you. Your customers will do that job.

Tip #5 : No hide-a-seek.

Say a big NO to hidden taxes and money people will have to pay when they buy your products. Stay true to them and tell them the exact price before hand.

Tip #6 : Reform yourself.

Before becoming a good businessman, you should be a good human being. Listen to others around you, respect them and encourage them so they can work hard and you can all succeed as a single unit.

Bravery is not working alone; it’s about working together with a group of people and encouraging them to do their best. That’s what a good leader is and that is what it takes to lead a successful organization.


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