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What smartphones have done for us, Good and Bad

Smartphone have done us alot, some good things and some bad things. How we continue to use it ; depends on us.

The Good :

What smartphones have done for us ? Smartphones have , no doubt made life alot more easier. It’s easy for us to pay our bills , buy clothes and even groceries online. You can connect with our loved ones no matter where you are. You can read books on the go or watch your favorite youtuber’s vlogs. You can facetime your granny anytime you want to and hear all sorts of stories from her. You can even hangout with your friends in a group call.

If you are a writer you can publish your work on sites like, right from your phone. You can follow the trends that are going around the world. You can purchase that ticket to your next flight to paris. You can work with organizations and manage their data online and even get payed for it. Imagine , you dont even have to leave your house to earn money.

You can start your business online and expand it more with the help of like-minded people. Online businesses are really the rage of our time. They are popular because managing it comes with alot of ease. It has it’s fair share of work but it’s not as tiring as your regular businesses are, that’s for sure. Teenagers are just IN LOVE with apps like Instagram and snapchat. They are fun and trendy.

Smartphones have an endless list of goods it has done but now let us look at the other side of the picture as well.

The Bad :

Sadly phones are now more important than your family members. You would rather sit alone and chat instead of having a meal together with your family. Social skills are becoming more and more disrupted. kids now-a-days are running low on decent manners and decent use of language.

We have been to the moon and back, we have developed new apps but we dont have time to cross the road and meet our new neighbor. We have such beautiful homes and yet nobody comes out of their rooms to have a little get-together. Money is slowly taking over pure emotions like love and respect.

Kids dont respect their teachers for their noble profession. why? because their smartphones do the same thing; teach them. But there is one thing that your phone cannot teach you, human emotions. How to respect others, how to value the time you have right now, with all your family and friends around.

I am not saying that using your phone is a bad thing but keep a balance between the virtual world and the world around you. Cherish your beautiful moments with your family and loved ones before time slips away.

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