Faremakers - Croozi Pakistan

Air travelling was extremely difficult for people before 21st Century in Pakistan. Passengers had only one option of PIA, flight rates were highly inflated. People had to go themselves to offices of any travel agency for booking of tickets. Lot of time was wasted in reservation process and passengers have to make up queue. PIA charged rates which were its favorite and people could not say anything because they did not had another choice. All problems were caused due to poor information technology infrastructure. Brains of booking agents were also messed up because of having an enormous number of orders.

All of these circumstances changed due to founding of Faremakers, Pakistan First Online Travel Company by Mr. Asif Naseer Kharra. Digital technology brought huge revolution in booking process.   Tickets can now be booked very easily from anywhere. Your time and money both are saved which were previously ruined. In addition of booking flight tickets options for customers. You can also book hotels, tourism, Umrah packages and visa of different eminent countries. Interesting fact is that these services are provided at your preferred place. You do not need to call physically to office.

There are also lots of airline options for customers. You can buy cheapest flights very comfortable. These global brands continue to announce their best Flight Deals. People are more devoted to Airlines Promotions because there are hidden benefits for customers like buy one get one free or having transit hotel free of etc.


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