Home Art & Design RAPUNZEL: Wool & foaming sheet ART & CRAFT

RAPUNZEL: Wool & foaming sheet ART & CRAFT


RAPUNZEL: wool & foaming sheet ART & CRAFT


  1. Glitter foaming sheet,
  2. Plain foaming sheet,
  3. Wool,
  4. Hard chart,
  5. Gum,
  6. Scissors


Take a piece of plain orange foaming sheet and cut it in the shape of tower as shown. Make the upper portion of tower with cutting the shocking pink glitter sheet in conical form as illustrated. Cut small bricks of different sizes with orange/brown glitter sheet to be used on the castle. Cut leaves from different green shades of foaming sheet and cut flowers from different pink shaded foaming sheet. Cut clouds with blue foaming sheet. Make braid with white/yellow or brown wool. Make face of cartoon with hard chart.

  1. Cut window of the castle and paste the castle as shown with bricks over it.
  2. Paste the face of cartoon inside the window of the castle.
  3. Paste the braid around the face of the cartoon and downwards as shown.
  4. Paste flowers, leaves and clouds.

And of course you can add any accessories to the beautiful Rapunzel.



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