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The real obstacles in the way of your promotion and pay raise

Promotion and pay raise? Hopeless and helpless at your workplace? Tired of your work and the boss nagging at you all day long and still no progress. Well just spend one day finding out what may be possibly wrong that is making you go down with its weight. Here are some suggestions to direct your self-assessment.

The real obstacles in the way of your promotion and pay raise

Step 1: Check on your working behavior

a) Do not procrastinate:

Not every assignment given to you is needed to be done first and foremost. Do not pile up your mind with such a thing that you have to do all of them now. Tell your brain that this work is more important and urgent so you will do it first and the other afterwards. This way you won’t tire your brain up before doing any actual work. Make a schedule and follow it swiftly.

b) A balanced focus:

Don’t lose your focus balance. That means you should not focus one assignment entirely forgetting the other one. You should focus each one of them accordingly so that whatever you do is perfect.

c) Ask questions:

Don’t just keep on doing things without proper knowledge. Keep asking till you understand it. If you will remain shy and try to pose to be a know-it-all it will cost you a lot.
Step 2: Check on your workplace behavior

a) No blaming, no complaining:

Do not blame your boss or others colleagues for anything that happens to you. Take responsibility for your own actions. And also no complaining about your job, everybody has to do their jobs. And there are many people in much worse situations than you are. Once you do that you would see that you would improve a lot.

b) Be professional:

Always be professional in everything you do at your workplace. All the friendships and close relationships can wait till outside the office. This will save you from thousands of problems. At workplace everybody is a single entity and you are in competition with them. Keep a distance and don’t rely on anybody so much that one day you may regret it.

c) Self-regulation:

Keep your emotions under control. No spontaneous responses, no shouting, no excited decisions, no expectations and no bluffing. Believe me you would live in the heaven after gaining the self-control. It will gain you respect and make people very impressed by your enormous personality.

d) No lies:

Do not lie ever. It will spoil your life. You may have heard that one lie leads to a cascade of other lies to cover that one lie up, well its true.

e) No gossips no politics is the rule number one:

Politics causes bitter arguments and gossips are gossips, come on. Avoid being a part of them both and once everybody knows you are not an active member of their gossips and politics talk club, you would be spared.
Do analyze yourself and try some of these. And if you see any progressive, do give us a positive feedback!!
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