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In this era of technology and haphazard developments where a human can face horrific unnatural disasters, nuclear war is one of them. There are a few precautionary measures that you can do to survive such a disaster of NUCLEAR ATTACK:



There are around 15000 nuclear weapons present on this planet earth, which are in possession of announced or unannounced nuclear power.


Capital of any country, important army offices, important cities, communication offices, seaports, Water Storage and most populated areas can be the target of such attacks.

God forbid if you are to face such situation you should prepare yourself as advised below:


Usually the nuclear attack is last option during war but it can happen in the start also due to defensive or offensive army diplomatic strategy. In such a case keep yourself updated with the international relations of other countries with your country and prepare yourself for it.


One of the important ways to protect yourself from nuclear attack is to make available a strong and safe hiding place. It should be at least 10 feet below the earth surface. That place can have another hiding place over it. It cannot block the effects of attack completely. The building should be having stones used in its building or it should be made of at least 5 layers of concrete and bricks.

Things for Survival:

Keep all the important things in store in that hiding place that you would be requiring for survival. It should be enough for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

It should include following items:

  1. Tin packed food which should not include meat, to avoid any food poisoning problems. It can include fruits, vegetables or patties etc.
  2. Mineral water bottles.
  3. A big water tank for bathing and washing purpose.
  4. A radio (as your mobile would be damaged after the attack).
  5. An extra suit.
  6. Books that can help you during survival.
  7. First aid kit.
  8. General medicines for fever, headache or body ache.
  9. Batteries or any other alternative for electricity like torch.
  10. Potassium iodide tablets which you will use first day after the nuclear attack.
  11. Antiseptic spray.

If you have prepared for it and God forbid the attack happens then:

You should keep your senses intact so that you can do something for your further survival.

Within one second of atomic attack you would hear a loud blast and a mushroom shaped dark storm, that’s when you should be sure that it’s a nuclear attack.

There are 3 phases of nuclear damage:

  1. Initial blast
  2. Fall out
  3. Radiation storm

If the war head falls within 1.5 miles of your area and if you are sitting, you should stand up because within 3 seconds your body would evaporate like steam. You can only survive if God wills.

Nuclear researchers believe that if war head falls more than 1.5 miles away from the area you are in then there are more chances of survival.

After hearing first blast you will be having almost 5seconds at max to run towards a solid object, wall or some shallow place. Lie face down and put your hands over your head and cross your legs. You would then hear a second blast which would be even more powerful than the first one and would cause an earthquake.

2 to 3 seconds after the second blast you should stand up and run towards your hiding place.


With first blast many buildings would have been blown out and their debris would be falling down in form of rain from sky. Along with that the radiations containing alpha particles would start showering down.

Never look back towards the blast and keep yourself safe from the falling debris.

If you reach the hiding place then first fallout phase is over. Pull off your dress as soon as you reach the hiding place as it would have absorbed man alpha particles. If you are injured perform first aid and if you are fine you should shower for complete safety.

Now there are radiations everywhere, so you will have to remain in your hiding place for many days. So remember:

  1. Eat less as much possible.
  2. Sleep as much as you can.
  3. Keep listening to radio to keep yourself updated with the outside.
  4. Keep your stamina intact.
  5. In next few days you may get radioactive sickness which may include high fever, suffocation, vomiting etc. In such case use the medicines in store.

Situations can differ but it is estimated that first aid teams and rescuers may reach you with 5 to 6 days of the attack. Keep listening to radio so that you may be sure that rescue teams have arrived and then you can go out and contact any member of the rescue team to get you out of that area full of radiations.

If no team reaches your area for rescue then get out of you hiding place after 20 days as the effects of attack would have ceased by now.

It is not the end, it’s a new beginning.

After surviving such attack when you would come out you may think that you are the sole survivor in that area. You should leave that area as soon as possible.

After surviving such attack you should not lose hope and should not waste that new life given to you by God. And you should give that enemy an equal and effective response which it deserves.

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