My 13 Best Travel Tips: Become a Master Traveler in 2022 – Must Read before Going To Trip

Travel tips - How to become master traveler in 2022-2023| Croozi

New in the world of traveling? We are here to serve your curious minds. This blog is a conclusion of 6 to 7 years of traveling around the world. Different situations have made the following lessons learned. These lessons are being shared for your ease in traveling. Hope these tips would not leave you in any awkward situations that are bound to happen during travel.

1. Pack a few days before leaving:

This helps you pack cautiously. You don’t haste while packing so you take enough time to pack all the essentials required for a smooth and happy traveling.

2. Make a checklist with family and friends:

Sit down and make a checklist of all the stuff you would be packing for traveling. Make this checklist with friends or family. So there would be a fat chance of you missing anything important or even of little significance.

3. Keep a cool mind:

Remain calm and relax at delays, problems, getting lost and losing things. Prepare your mind when starting traveling that anything can welcome you at any time.

4. Keep a backup:

While traveling, keep a backup of everything with you. Backup colored copies of your important documents. Also don’t keep them in the same bag. Keep it with you all the time. Hide money in your dress, socks and other such places. Therefore, even if you lose your bag you can still make use of this money.

5. Learn languages:

Try to learn a few basic sentences in the local language for your ease. You can buy a translation book too for the place you are traveling to.

6. Or buy that cool shirt:

A genius and travel loving guy made a T-shirt design. It has all the important icons for different things that are universally understood. Now you don’t have to say anything. Therefore just point at the icon you need to inquire about and any person at any place would understand. Therefore getting guidance would be easy for you.

7.  No buying :

Don’t buy new things. Things like camera and its lenses and other accessories as it would be really uncomfortable to use unfamiliar things while traveling. It’s easy to use things in sudden need when you are at ease with them.

8.  Keep important things close:

Keep all the important things in your hand carry when traveling. Your documents, cell phone, medications, hydrating lotion and other such things that you either don’t want to lose or don’t want to waste money on buying new ones.

My 13 Best Travel Tips: Become a Master Traveler in 2022 - Must Read before Going To Trip

9.  Inquire with the locals:

Inquire with the locals about places to visit, food to eat and prices for transports and hotel rooms. This would help you to avoid being looted. The cunning people ask for higher prices from travelers. Moreover you would overspend in innocence.

10.  Pack a Portable Washing Machine:

When traveling is your hobby, you come up with such ideas. Another genius invention is this portable washing machine that you can carry. It is easy to use. It can be folded and therefore carried easily.

11.  Buy a Comfortable traveling Bag:

We often think that any bag would do while traveling. But it’s wrong. You need a bag perfectly designed for travel purpose. They are so built that you can carry heavy luggage with less effort. Buy one today!

12.  Alert your banks:

When you plan to travel, call up your banks first. This would alert your banks that your credit cards will be used at other places. This would stop your bank to block your card while on travel. This way you would never get stuck with a blocked credit card.

13.  Pack two friends:

A scarf of absorbing material and a sun block of SPF more than 50 at least are your two best buddies. A cotton scarf would serve many purposes, from shield curtain to sweat absorbent, from eye pad to face mask and many other purposes.

Hence, while packing for traveling or advising others when they are about to travel do keep in mind these tips.  This would save the travelers from many possible problems. Wish you a happy and smooth traveling with Croozi!