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How to apply for Pakistani Passport | Important instructions

Pakistani Passport If you want to get a passport in Pakistan it is very easy and convenient. All you have to do is follow these steps and it would be in your hands in a few days period.There are two types of passports, one for 5 years period and the other valid for 10 years. So you can specify as per your own liking.Here I would share my own experience as I have recently got my passport made.


  1. You need to take your National ID card with you only.
  2. If you have already owned an older passport then you will have to take that along with you as you will not be able to get your new passport.
  3. Take photocopies of first two pages of your old passport and your ID card also along with you.
  4. Take a pen or ballpoint with you in case you would need one.


  • You have to get a form first and fill it. It is free of cost. Don’t let people outside the passport office get advantage and sell you that form for 100, 200 rupees.
  • Fill that form and submit it at the passport office.
  • Pay and get a form of Rs.3000/- if you want a normal passport and of Rs.5000/- if you want an urgent passport within 15 days at bank.
  • You will then be sent for your photo for the passport. So when you go, get dressed and groom your appearance.
  • After photo is taken you will have to provide your finger prints by placing thumb and index finger of both hands at the finger printing machine.
  • Then you would be sent to a person who will verify your details and recommend you to the last person who will put a stamp and a signature and will inform you to collect that passport on a specified date.


  • You will be given a receipt. When you go to collect that passport get the receipt with you. Sometimes they allow the person himself only to collect the passport due to security reasons.
  • When you get the passport you will see on second page that there is specified place for your signature or thumb impression. Without it your passport will not be held valid. So as soon as you get the passport sign it at the said place.
  • There you are ready to go to places and explore the world or do business with your passport.
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