scrap metal recycling service queens ny

About the Business: Get rid of your unwanted copper and scrap metal by selling them to us. We are the top scrapyard and the only insulated copper wire buyer in Queens, NY.

Sell your copper to CCC Scrap, the home of the only Copper Chopper in NYC. We are proud to be the only scrapyard with this type of multi-million dollar machinery and to be the only insulated copper wire buyer in Queens, NY. Our machine is the best, most modern, and most sophisticated out there. Let us help you safely recycle scrap from your office, factory, or commercial facility.

As scrap metal buyers, we purchase a variety of junk materials at the most competitive rates and deals so you can earn money while clearing up your property. We also offer scrap container rental for those who prefer to have their scrap picked up from their construction site or commercial property.

With over 33 years of experience in the scrap industry, CCC Scrap provides dependable services at competitive prices. We see our work as more than just a business but a way to protect the environment by recycling scrap.


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