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This privacy policy provided here is intended to safeguard you and our company against any of the controversies, misunderstandings or any other issues related to terms of use of the services provided by our company via this website. Kindly carefully read and understand this privacy policy so that you may avoid any possible inconveniences.

Our privacy policy encompasses the information related to the data and information that we collect and why we collect it as well the use of this collected data. It also explains about the extent to which you are allowed to use the information provided over the website.

If you do not understand IT terms we would humbly request you to understand these terms by getting information about them from any available source before you agree to our privacy policy and terms and conditions. If you need any further assistance in this regard you can ask by contacting us through email and contacts provided in the "contact us" section.

Privacy of our users is cared for by the website. All the information given to us will be by your consent can be used transferred and processed by us.

We do not collect cookies up till now but may start collecting them for the betterment of services. If so, we would inform about it in writing here.

We use IP address for administration purposes, getting knowledge about trends, troubleshooting and analyzing trends as well as users’ activity which does not mean that we are collecting any identifiable personal data. This means that we will be using data like requested and referral URL, dates and time of usage, browser types and other information like these, which are not in any way, personally identifiable data nor they are shared with any third party for any purposes.

The data provided on this site and made available to you is only for the purpose of your knowledge and directions for planning. This information may vary a bit and the use of this information is solely your own responsibility and decisions based on this data should be according to your own judgment as we do not take any kind of responsibility in this regard. If any contents of this site are to be assessed by government, legal notice would be required prior to that assessment.

All the contents of this website are copyright and any unlawful activity in this regard would be dealt with legally.

We do not provide any kind of disclaimer or warranty over the completeness or accuracy of the data provided in this site; therefore we will not be responsible for any kind of damage or loss you may suffer by using this product/service.

We may change, limit or stop the services provided at any time without prior notice. We hold the authority to keep or delete anything we think inappropriate posted on this website. We use "Google Analytics" for tracking our users and finding out location and other information as necessary for making sure that our users are trusted users. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are also agreeing to Google Analytics’ terms & conditions as given at this link:

Using the services/product in a manner that would increase traffic enormously or result in crashing of the site will be regarded illegal.

You are forbidden to use this site for any marketing, advertising or commercial purpose not stated in the terms and conditions.

You are solely responsible for your own conduct in the use of these product/services and only you will be responsible for any kind of consequences.

Posting/uploading or downloading anything that is unlawful or not allowed under these terms and conditions would also be dealt with legally.

The content of your post may not include/cause/risk causing any harmful, inappropriate, unlawful, abusive and incorrect material that may harm yourself or any person or organization or any other body. If such content is found, appropriate action will be taken against you.

Posting something that would pose like it is sponsored by our site in any way will not be tolerated and you would be held responsible legally.

Using any kind of technique/technology to retrieve any data from this site, which does not conform to the mentioned terms and conditions, will also result in legal action. You are not allowed to copy, change, translate or make any kind of derivatives of this site, interfere or damage any part of the site, or as a whole, of the services provided by this site. Using this site for work other than its intended and mentioned uses or for using any of its data for any purpose not stated here. Using this site for harassing any person will be addressed to legally.

You are forbidden to sell, rent, lease, market, publish, redistribute or in any way make it available to any person or entity.

You are forbidden to create a link to any page of this website without our permission. If found so, you will face legal consequences.

We thank you for visiting and/or using this website. We value your efforts in reading and understanding the privacy policy as well as the terms of use for this website for adding up and also using information provided here.