Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your queries have been already answered here. But if there are any further queries you can contact our team for guidance.


  • If you received an account verification email in error, it's likely that another user accidentally entered your email while trying to create or recover their own email account. If you didn't initiate the request, you don't need to take any further action. You can simply disregard the verification email, and the account won't be verified. If you accidentally clicked the link to verify the account, you may decide to continue to use or delete this account. Either way, to sign in, you'll first need to reset the password.
  • The most common reasons that prevent you from receiving the verification email in your inbox and how to fix them

    You should receive a verification email within 15 minutes after signing up or after requesting to verify an additional email address. If you're not seeing it in your inbox, check out these suggestions:

    Refresh you web browser -
    Occasionally you may need to manually refresh your browser to check for new emails in your inbox.

    Check your Spam or Junk folder -
    Your ISP or corporate domain may be configured to deliver commercial mail to your Spam or Junk folder by default.

    Check for typos -
    Check the spelling of the email address and request another verification email to be sent to the corrected address if there was a typo.

    Add Constant Contact to your safelist -
    croozi averages a very low block rate of around 3%, but, if you haven't received any croozi emails, it's possible that the email may have bounced or been blocked. Try adding "" to your safe sender list, then request another verification email to be sent.

    Verify a different email address -
    Verify with a different email address - all else fails, try using another email address to create a new account.

    Email & Server Issues
    Confirmation links are automatically sent to the email address on your account and cannot be redirected or manually sent. If security and/or firewall settings on your work email account are blocking the confirmation email, we recommend to use personal email address to your account, visit your account's Profile tab.

    If you've tried the steps above and still haven't received a verification email, please contact our Support Team by sending your query from your registered email to

    After all confirmations your account will be verified with in 2 days. .


CROOZI is a free business & services listing that allows your business to come up in results on google Search with your location with maps. You can add full information here, including location on MAP, descriptions, hours of operation, contact details, links to your website, images, social media profiles and more. Further, you can add latest updates just like you do on social media. You’ll need to activate the listing if you haven’t already. its fully free for lifetime. If you currently have an account on CROOZI. Revisit the website and save all your business & services on CROOZI with any restriction.
No, the registration is not required if you want to search business & services.
Yes, the registration is compulsory if you want to save & manage your business & services.
  • Go to "Save Your Business & services". Write the address you want to save as your location and click "Discover".
  • The CROOZI would automatically find your location on the map. If it is not precise you can adjust the location by moving the pin icon to the required place.
  • In the section below you can add details about your place by giving it a specific name, marking it public/private,
  • Select category and a sub category and any other required details.
  • Click on "Save Location" and there you have saved your required location.
  • You can save multiple locations as per your requirement. Others can view those locations only which are marked "Public".
  • The locations marked "private" can only be viewed by the people you want to share via the link generated by CROOZI.
  • Yes any details about any location you save can be added. There are different options provided for adding details like “email”, “contact no.”, “address” etc.
  • Also there is a free space for adding any other details as per your liking.
  • To view details of any saved location you only have to click that location link.
  • A page will open up showing all the details, on the right top portion of the page, that were provided by the person who saved that location.


  • When you click “Save Location” after adding all the details in “Save Your Locations” a page appears containing the “link” which is specific for your saved location.
  • If you want to share it with anyone you can copy and paste that link.
  • Also there are multiple options given to share the location via Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • All you have to do is to just click on the required button to share that location.
  • Yes, the locations can be saved as public or private. While saving the location in “Save Your Locations” you can mark that location as “Public” or “Private” as per your wish.
  • The “Private” locations are only visible to those people with whom you share it via link, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • “Public” locations can be viewed by anybody using CROOZI.
  • After you have logged in to your CROOZI account the page that will appear will have your name on the top right corner.
  • Upon clicking that name you will get a menu having an option “My Locations”. Click on that option to view all your saved locations.
  • Also while saving the locations in “Save Your Locations” there is a button “Your Locations” below the generated link for the recently saved location.
  • You can click on that also to explore all of your saved locations.
Yes, you can easily delete your saved locations. All you have to do is to go to “My locations” and click on the red “cross” button to delete that location.


  • Yes, other locations that are marked “public” can be viewed by searching for that specific name with which that location is saved.
  • Also if that link generated by CROOZI is pasted into the browser’s search bar, that location can be easily viewed. Same goes for the “private” locations.
  • They can only be viewed by using that specific link. They cannot be viewed by searching via name.