Quality School - Wah Cantt

Quality Schools Foundation has been founded on the principle that affordable quality education is a fundamental right of every child in a civilised society.

Quality School, Wah Cantt has been established by Quality Schools Foundation as a public service facility for the girls of the community of Wah Cantonment and Surrounding areas.

Quality Schools Foundation ia s professionally managed, non-profit organization.It is a public company limited by guarantee, set up under a licence from Securities and exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 42 of Companies Ordinance, 1984. Quality Schools Foundation has been registered with joint Registrar Companies. A firm of chartered accountants audit the accounts of Quality Schools Foundation.

The School has a specially designed two-storey building.The total covered area of the building exceeds 33,000 square feet.The School building has 28 classrooms, 3 fully equipped laboratories, a library, 2 staff rooms, 5 offices, modern toilets, and a cafeteria. Proper heating and cooling  arrangement for all rooms have been made. The finishes of the school building are excellent and provide pleasant environment for efficient and effective academic and co-curricular activities.

The Quality School Foundation has also developed its own internal curriculum modelled on Oxford's curriculum and on the UK's National Curriculum.

Curricula in Quality Schools are split along the following lines:

1. Early Years (KG-1 and KG-2)

2. Primary (Class 1-5)

3. Secondary (Class 6-10)

Launching of Second Shift:

Due to its excellent education system, strong character development  programme, and highly affordable fee structure, the school receives large number of  applications for admission. In the interest of  quality of education class size is fixed at 30 students, therefore more students could not be accommodated during regular school hours. On the demand and insistence of parents, a second shift has been launched from March 2010, initially for primary classes.


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