development of solar powered drones & aircraft

About the Business: We\'re dedicated to utilizing renewable resources for air travel. Learn more about SunPoweredAircraft’s innovative aircraft technology.

We can keep the convenience of air travel and protect our environment simultaneously. SunPoweredAircraft can make this happen.
We use solar panels to convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy that powers the aircraft. The aircraft obtains lift in three ways: from the lighter-than-air gas, the aerodynamics of the aircraft, and the propellers and rotors.
With the use of lighter-than-air gas, the energy needs of the aircraft are greatly reduced, and solar energy becomes sufficient enough to power it. This results in a zero-emissions aircraft that requires no fuel other than sunlight. The wings also allow for a heavier load and a longer distance than a quadcopter. Still, the quadcopter aspects of the aircraft allow for vertical takeoff and landing, making it possible to land on any flat surface in any location, no matter how remote.
With the absence of fuel costs and emissions, SunPoweredAircraft may be the most economical and environmentally safe form of transportation today. No other form of transportation can produce its own energy.
Furthermore, we also have technology that will allow the aircraft to fly at night, even without using batteries to store the energy.


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