Charsi Tikka - Saidpur Village, Islamabad

Charsi Tikka Saidpur Village Islamabad - By flavouring their grilled meat and most karhai dishes with just salt, Charsi Tikka in Saidpur Village brings the taste of Peshawar’s famous Namak Mandi to Islamabad.

The restaurant’s most popular dish is the namkeen tikka. For this, the meat for the tikka is dusted with coarse salt and grilled on barbeque skewers on an open spit.

Charsi Tikka has managed to replicate the taste of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in its dishes, where the food isn’t heavy spiced and the taste of the main ingredient shines through. It also does a good job with its take on the famous Peshawari chappli kebab.

The menu also offers patta tikka, which translates to hidden tikka.

The restaurant is frequented by families and young people alike. Although there is a family hall in the back, the veranda at the front offers a more traditiona setting, with dewans and takhts adorned with traditional velvet spreads.


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