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About the Business: Get to know a spiritual book author who discusses basic existence questions, holistic healing, and more. Read topics by TripleCross LLC on the website.

Spiritual Book Author Promoting Holistic Health and Healing

Experience holistic healing and live your dream life through the guidance of Agbe Ben Epou, also known as TripleCross LLC. A spiritual book author, he discusses basic existence questions, abundance manifesting, and overall health.

Covering a Wide Array of Topics, Including:

  • How to Become a White Magician
  • How to Exorcise Demons From the Body
  • How to Overcome Darkness and Return Home to Heaven or Paradise
  • How to Really Become Rich
  • How to Return to Source Consciousness or God
  • How to Truly Create and Manifest Abundance
  • What the Matrix Is and How to Get Out of It
  • What the Reality of Paradise or Heaven Is
  • What the Universe Really Is
  • When Is When
  • Where God or Source Consciousness Is


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