Our mission is to deliver quality analytical testing services to our clients while following ethical practices and providing stellar customer service with continuous improvements.

A & B Environmental Services, Inc. dba A & B Labs is one of the most accredited independently owned environmental testing laboratories in the U.S. Our corporate laboratory is located in Houston, TX with service centers in Harlingen (South TX), Euless (North TX) and Nederland (TX Golden Triangle). We have over thirty (30) years of experience providing exceptional quality environmental services to our clients from diverse industries including: chemical manufacturing, consulting and engineering firms, energy, pulp and paper, food manufacturing, petroleum refining, local, state and federal agencies.

Our technical staff has the experience and knowledge in understanding regulatory limits and permit requirements, which is essential in helping customers meet their project goals. We strive to meet or exceed all applicable regulatory accreditation requirements.


Mold Testing in Houston

At A & B Labs, we are committed to providing quality analytical services to our customers. We test air for a wide range of Environmental, Microbiology and Industrial Hygiene parameters, according to our client's requests.

We have the necessary equipment to conduct indoor air quality analysis and microbiology air analysis. Our sampling media ranges from cassettes, swabs, and even summa canisters to name a few. We have a certified team that conducts sampling at the request of the client and can supply the needed sampling or media kit, as necessary, to perform the many different type of Air Quality Analyses listed below:

Ambient Air Quality Testing

  • EPA Method 325B (Fenceline Monitoring)

  • Thermal Desorption

  • EPA TO-17 (Thermal Desorption)

  • EPA TO-15 (VOCs)

  • GOC, GOC_Flare (Method 18)

  • Sulfur Compounds in Air

Indoor Air Quality Testing

  • Formaldehyde

  • Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) down to ppb levels

  • Pesticides in Air

  • Airborne Mold and Bacteria

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • 4-Phenylhexane

  • Tape and Bulk Sample Analyses for Mold

  • Total and Respirable Dust

  • Airborne and Bulk Asbestos Analyses


Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) for asbestos in bulk samples:

EPA/600/R-93/116 Method.

Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM ) analysis is performed to identify, classify and quantify Asbestos fiber concentration in bulk building materials, domestic & Industrial insulations, sprayed & non-sprayed plasters, coatings, ceiling & flooring materials, Floor tiles, caulks and adhesives.

Point Count:

This method is used to quantify Asbestos fibers in bulk materials at a lower detection limit using PLM microscope. Point Count provides detection limit of 0.25%.

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM):

NIOSH 7400 Method.

PCM analysis is performed to measure fiber concentrations in Clearance, Personal and Ambient air samples during and after abatement.

Asbestos Testing Performed at our Lab

  •  Asbestos – Bulk ID (PLM)

  •  Asbestos – Fiber Count (PCM)

  •  Asbestos – Bulk Point Count

  •  Asbestos – Wipe Samples Bulk or PLM

Indoor Air Quality Analysis

  •  Airborne and Bulk Asbestos Analysis

X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis is available.

To learn more about the XRD analysis performed at our lab, please contact our Project Managers

Food Testing:

Food Testing in Houston

A & B Labs is experienced in providing reliable analytical services to the food industry. Our clients range from food manufacturers and meat distributors to grocery stores. Our dedication and commitment motivates us to provide personalized service to each of our clients and meet all demanding needs.

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Url: https://ablabs.com


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