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<p>Where to stay in Dubai</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Dubai is a coastal city, a long stretch of concrete caught between the waves of the Persian Gulf and the dunes of the vast Arabian Desert. The city is divided into several districts but these are what tourists should be more familiar with.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Downtown Dubai.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;If you haven&rsquo;t been to Dubai, this is probably the image that first pops in your head when you imagine the city. Downtown Dubai is where you&rsquo;ll find some of the city&rsquo;s most iconic structures including Burj Khalifa, the world&rsquo;s tallest building, and Dubai Mall, one of the world&rsquo;s largest shopping complexes. It is also sometimes called the New Dubai.</li> <li><strong>Dubai Marina.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;This is one of the most ideal places to stay in the city, which is probably why most European expats live here. It is hemmed in by a beach and is easily accessible. It is also close to a lot of attractions.</li> <li><strong>Jumeirah Beach.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;Another seaside district that is linked to almost anywhere in the city. Jumeirah is centrally located, surrounded by the Marina, the Downtown area, and the Old City. It is home to diverse communities including Europeans, Pakistanis, and Filipinos.</li> <li><strong>Al Barsha.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;Situated between Marina and Jumeirah. The great thing about this area is that it is well-connected to the rest of the city. You&rsquo;ll also find several mid-range hotels here.</li> <li><strong>Bur Dubai.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;The heart and soul of Dubai. When they say Old City, they usually mean Bur Dubai. This was the center of the city before all the developments happened. If you want a more cultural and historical approach to your trip, this is the place to be. Lots of vibrant souks (bazaars), traditional structures, assorted restaurants, and cheap accommodations.</li> <li><strong>Deira.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;Traditionally considered an extension of the Old City. Think of it as a more modern Bur Dubai, also with plenty of affordable dining, shopping, and lodging options. The best part about Deira is its proximity to the airport.</li> <li> <p>BEST AREA TO STAY IN DUBAI</p> &nbsp; <p>What&rsquo;s the best area? It depends on what you want to experience and how much you&rsquo;re willing to spend. The Downtown and Marina areas are closest to the modern attractions but are notably expensive. When you search for hotels online, don&rsquo;t be shocked to see hotels at USD 400 to 1000 per night. Dubai is widely considered a luxury destination, so there are dozens of luxury hotels especially in these areas. There are a few more affordable options. Bur Dubai and Deira offer a more traditional experience at a significantly lower price.&nbsp;<strong>If you&rsquo;re on a budget, Bur Dubai and Deira may offer more options that are within your spending range.</strong>&nbsp;You can find a double room at a great hotel for USD 100 per night. Budget hotels are also available, offering much cheaper rooms.</p> </li> </ul>


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