Who is the Best DNA Service Provider in Texas?

ChoiceDNA offers hundreds of personal health labs and employer-required testing services in the United States. At our Best DNA test clinic Christi TX, we pride ourselves on concentrating on our customers.


ChoiceDNA offers hundreds of personal health labs and employer-required testing services in the United States. At our Best DNA test clinic Christi TX, we pride ourselves on concentrating on our customers' needs and providing consistent and dependable service from our well-trained professional team.

Our DNA testing lab's highly trained team is available to help you at any time during the procedure.

We provide the following services:

  • Professionally trained personnel
  • Reliable and confidential results
  • Reasonable prices
  • Quick response times
  • Customized services.

DNA Laboratory Test by ChoiceDNA allows you direct access to hundreds of personal and employer testing solutions, including DNA/ Paternity Testing, Drug/ Alcohol testing, STD/STI testing, Health and Wellness testing, and many other tests.

You may select your test from our DNA paternity testing Corpus Christi TX, and you can be confident that all information will be kept secret and of the best quality. Most findings are sent through email, fax, mail, or the internet within 24-48 hours. We'll be with you every step to ensure you get the most incredible experience possible!

When it comes to DNA testing, you must have confidence in the accuracy of your results. We recognize the importance of this. When our customers seek answers to their DNA connection issues, we realize they are going through a personal and sensitive time.

  • Paternity DNA test that isn't Legal

The "peace of mind" DNA test, also known as the "non-legal paternity DNA test," aids in verifying whether a given man is the biological father of a specific kid by comparing both the putative father's and the child's DNA profiles. The DNA of a tiny sample of cells from the inside of the cheek is obtained and analyzed during paternity testing.

  • Procedure:

An individual’s DNA acts as a "genetic blueprint," It is as unique as a fingerprint. When the sample is obtained, the DNA from the cells is extracted and amplified using PCR (polymerase chain reaction), a method that amplifies portions of the DNA. The amplified areas are scrutinized for a DNA pattern. The claimed father's DNA pattern is matched to the child's DNA pattern. Because both biological parents transmit their genetic information to their children, comparing DNA patterns from the kid and the claimed father will prove definitively if the purported father is the biological father.

  • Legal DNA Paternity Test:

Paternity claims, child support, child custody lawsuits, immigration, social security, and inheritance disputes are popular uses for this option. Additionally, a legal paternity test can be used to add or change a name on a birth certificate. DNA Lab Test follows the AABB rules for a lawful chain of custody sample collecting process. When choosing a legal paternity test, a chain-of-custody sample collecting approach will be followed to guarantee that the people involved are correctly identified, witnessed, and fingerprinted.

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  • Non-invasive Paternity DNA Test Before Birth

When waiting to find out who your child's birth father isn't an option, a non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test with no harm to the fetus may be the answer. As early as seven weeks of pregnancy, this non-invasive test identifies who the child's biological father is (with 99 percent or better confidence) and removes the chance of miscarriage.

A sample of maternal blood (collected through the arm like any blood test at the doctor's office) and mouth swab samples from the suspected father will be taken by ChoiceDNA Lab Test's skilled collectors. Scientists from an AABB Accredited DNA test center will examine the mother's blood sample and separate fetal DNA from plasma. To ascertain if there is a biological link, the fetal DNA is compared to the DNA of the purported father.

The father’s specific “genetic markers” can be determined by analyzing the fetus and mother's DNA. The DNA of the prospective father is then examined to see if his genetic markers will be discovered in the kid.


  • The sibling test (Legal and Non-Legal)

A DNA sibling test which is Non invasive prenatal paternity test Corpus Christi TX, will determine if two or more people are biologically connected as siblings by examining their relationship. When one parent is deceased or unavailable, sibling tests can be utilized to give proper parentage testing. The Full Siblingship Test and the Half Siblingship Test are the two types of tests. A full siblingship DNA test compares siblings who share both parents. Both sibling DNA tests can be used to submit evidence to immigration, and this option is also available for adoptees.


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