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A choice that angered interested groups. So much so that the Federation of Vices chose, at the last moment, to change the location of the meeting, which would initially be held at the Condorcet campus in Aubervilliers...

“We received insults and threats that justified, as a precaution, the search for an alternative solution at the last moment”, explains Marie-Angon Rombaldi. 

Four addiction treatment centers in three years
HSAs, the Federation proposes to create at least four that will add to those held by the Gaïa Assembly in the 10th arrondissement, within three years. "It's not a panacea, but it's one of the things that needs to be put into practice", emphasizes Marie-Angon Rombaldi. Dominique Gamard, member of the local collective SOS 4 Chemins, sees things bigger: "Bank! But I'm going to put 20, which are distributed in all regions and not concentrated in 19".

Among other proposals in the report, the housing issue is also important. "What causes such an open scene of drug use is fragility. There's no roof over your head," notes Matilda Moser, a member of the Combined Bus team who recently moved near the camp. In its report, the union recommends “housing development and housing provision” to enable voluntary users to receive long-term support, “essential to provide a coherent and safe pathway of care”, according to Marie Ongon Rombaldi.

The main point of tension between the pools of excluded residents and the Dependency Consortium: the implementation of service centers for chemical dependents. This is one of the solutions proposed in the action plan by Marie Ongon Rombaldi and Marie Geoffret-Rosted, a sociologist at Inserm, whose work was supported by the Consortium's Center for the Study of Social Movements (CMS) and its partners. Follow Us To Find Out More! Acrobat Feed :  

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