Tree Squad

The whole point of life is to live it. And the best way to do that is by enjoying all the things earth has to offer. Whether you\'re looking for a backyard tree service in St Augustine, FL.

Tree Squad is a full-service tree service company, offering all types of tree services in St Augustine, FL. from technical removals to yearly trimming of all species of trees! Dying trees attract insects and pests. Removal of these helps to lessen the spread of possible infestations and helps to prevent the spread of tree diseases. Dead and dying trees also look unattractive. Let us help you bring your property back to a gorgeous state! Dead and dying trees can present a hazard – to your home, your landscaping, and to people. The safety of your property and loved ones is important. We are also licensed and insured so you can rest easy knowing that we have taken care of everything from start to finish.
Services: Tree Trimming, Tree & Stump Removal, Lot Clearing and Land Clearing.


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