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The Point Trader is a trading company that buys the unused points in exchange of cash and sells these points to the frequent flyers around the world at nearly 50% cheaper rate.

More Detail

The Points Trader a division of PLATEA INC. A California corporation registered in Los Angeles. We are an independent mileage brokerage firm. Buy frequent flyer miles to redeem a first class seat for half its value and save thousands. We make the process simple to sell or buy your points. We are connected with a number of buyers and sellers all over the world to give you the best deal for your frequent flyer miles and/or credit card rewards points.

The Points Trader is your ultimate points & miles broker. 

Buy frequent flyer miles to redeem a first class seat for half its value and $ave thousands!

or turn those unused credit card reward points into cash today!

Either way, you came to the right place.


Why should we trade points & miles? 

How do YOU want to be rewarded? Are you looking for free flights to destinations around the globe? Or do you prefer to be paid in hard cash? Choose a redemption option with us to best satisfy you. 

Most credit cards these days have programs where you can use your accumulated points to redeem rewards, often in the form of flight tickets by transferring those points directly to your frequent flyer accounts. It's great when you earn enough points to redeem free trips, but you don't necessarily have to wait for your points to build up before you reap the fruits of your rewards. You can immediately top off your frequent flyer miles to get a deal you want on that flight ticket. Did you know topping up your miles directly from an airline would cost you twice as much? Simply get in touch with us for a better deal!

Alternatively, some businesses and individuals receive points from their day-to-day credit card transactions and may not have the time to travel. Rather than those points sit and are deemed impractical, why not exchange it for cash that can be used for anything and everything? Did you know trading credit card points for cash within your credit card reward program would render you less cash? Trade with us to give you the best value for your points!

Our simple buying process works like a charm...

Request a free quote to buy airline miles

Tell us about yourself & which airline miles you are looking to purchase using our secured online form. 

Purchase Your Miles

Once you agree on our purchase price, we will process your payments securely to ensure your information is safe. 

We transfer miles to your account

Upon successful payment, we transfer the miles to your frequent flyer account. 

Who Are We?

As travel enthusiasts, we know the trade by heart. We make it simple to sell or buy your points. We have relationships with many buyers and sellers all over the world and that’s how we can give you the best deal for your frequent flyer miles and/or credit card rewards points.

Our goal is to connect businesses and individuals that have accumulated an abundance of rewards points with first and business class traveler and provide a win-win scenario for both sides. Your points are worth more than you think! Why settle for less by cashing out through your credit card reward programs when we can pay you better?

We strive to give our clients the best possible price on trading their points and miles. We work diligently to constantly ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience when dealing with us. We make the entire process so simple, quick, and safe. Avoid dealing with other airline discount sites or miles broker and contact us today for a guaranteed hassle free experience. 


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