The Lux Law Firm, PLLC

The Lux Law Firm, PLLC, prides itself on offering knowledgeable, experienced, and responsive services to those who are facing the hardships opposed by a criminal charge....................................................

Have you been searching for a DUI lawyer near me? We understand that while being stressed with a criminal charge this task of searching for a lawyer will make you more stressed and that is why we are here for you. If you have been arrested and are facing a misdemeanor offense or higher, The Lux Law Firm, PLLC  is with you, fighting for you and protecting your constitutional rights. Our criminal defense lawyers have many years of experience in helping clients, avoiding jail time, and the consequences of an arrest record. We’ve tried cases before, and have successfully defended against even the most serious criminal charges. We understand that everyone has problems that can lead them to make bad decisions, but that does not mean that you deserve to be punished for it. We will defend you as generously as possible. So, do visit our office and tell us your legal issue. We will stand firm with you in all legal problems and will give you the best possible solution.


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