Tech Nepal is Nepal's leading one-stop online news curation portal. It provides trending and up-to-date technology related news about Nepal and the world in one place.

Tech Nepal was founded with the vision to provide a single stop portal for all the tech enthusiasts in Nepal and around the world. We saw the problem in this industry where one has to go through many different websites and news portals to read the articles they are interested in. This investigation leads to many lost hours due to research. We founded this company so that any curious readers who want to know about what's happening in the technology sector of Nepal, can log into and stay up-to-date without having to go anywhere else. Tech Nepal handpicks news articles from various reliable online sources so that our users don't have to. We make it easy for them so that they can invest their time in doing other productive things. Leave the news curation to us. We promise to deliver the best, reliable and very interesting news to you daily.


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