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Huge Savings and Top Quality | Trusted By Schools Nationwide | TC Tech Prep Tutoring | Created by an Educator to break barriers to high quality tutoring and test preparation.

At TC Tech Prep Tutoring, our basic test prep classes will always be free with the purchase of any of our study materials. Our trusted service has helped parents and students save hundreds of dollars. Our teachers are 95th percentile scorers and certified through a rigorous training process to teach strategies proven to work. Since 2011, TC Tech has worked with 300+ schools nationwide with both instructional and tutoring strategies proven to boost student scores. Our classes are provided at both partnered school sites and our own class locations. We are so confident that our classes and books will help you, that we offer the highest industry guarantee of double your money back if your score does not increase after taking a full class.

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TC Tech Prep Tutoring


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