Stamp and Coin Trader

The Stamp and Coin Trader is an industry-leading provider of ancient coins, US coins, currency, and rare stamp collections. We are a trusted dealer of unique collectibles looking forward to serving you! we offer best!!!

Stamp and Coin Trader started out as a small hobby seller on eBay many years ago, fueled by our passion for coins.  We have now completed tens of thousands of successful transactions and are a leader in estate coin and stamp sales.  A lot has changed since we started out, but our passion has remained the same.  We love stamps and coins and we love offering them to our customers!

Coins we specialize in include old US silver coins, graded certified coins, ancient Roman coins, estate coin lots, Civil War era coins, old US currency, and many other types of collections.

We offer a mix of unsearched stamps and coin lots that can be added to your collection. Our wide assortment of old US stamps includes early US stamps, mint stamps, worldwide stamps, albums, collections, and more!


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