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All of us have our preferred tipples and our favorite places to drink them. We appreciate them not just for the taste, but how they look and feel and feel and because they provide an ambiance, or social setting that makes us really feel that ‘this is our place’ and we feel welcome. SpiritSmith intends to bring a gift to our customers and their loved ones which brings a bit of that ambiance and social atmosphere home.

As a busy family run business, we know the importance of having a network of great people around us, providing support, love, and friendship. Let's be honest, as family life does not constantly give us the chance to go out to our favorite places as much as we might like, more and more we are inviting our network of people to delight in a drink with us at home.

So why are we here?

Well, as most businesses do, we had a brainstorm with the help of a friend/marketing professional. They were doing their best to get us to believe a bit more deeply than ‘these are the gifts we want to buy our loved ones, but can’t find them anywhere’.

After much deliberation (and gin), it turns out to be quite simple. We wish to be loved. We're needy. We want people to love what we do, not just like it. We said things like

‘Wouldn’t it be great if we can supply gifts that make people feel good?’

‘Gifts that look and feel like some love and care has gone into them.’

‘The gifts should include something they can enjoy with the recipient, and the person receiving the gift is left with more than just an empty bottle.’

‘A present with longevity. The gift that keeps on giving.’

And here arrived SpiritSmith.


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