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Solar Engineers is a leading best solar company in Melbourne which provides solar panels installation for residential as well as commercial.

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It's good if you are planning to install the solar panels Melbourne at your home. As it is one step towards saving resources and going greener, which is really required at present.

Solar energy is not only helpful in cutting your house down from the grid and saving on your electricity bills, but it also is helping the environment. Solar Engineers is a leading best solar company in Melbourne which provides solar panels installation for residential as well as commercial.

When it comes to finding the right balance between high-quality solar power product and competitive pricing, Solar Engineers packages can't be beaten.

Welcome To Solar Engineers

The Powerhouse

Solar energy is a perpetual & renewable energy source. Solar Zone harnesses this energy for powering your solar water heaters and many other devices.

The Greenhouse Effect

Everyone is contributing to the global warming effect. Why not pause, think and go for natural source of energy for our day to day needs. Take the first step with Solar Zone.

Nurture Nature

In every language nature means mother and we are symbiotically connected. Let us understand this great connecting thread of existence and support it in simple ways!

Solar Panels

When you commit yourself to developing natural resources, you will be surprised to find it will support local economy, labor and materials.

The energy that is sourceable, free and healthy

The sun is our natural energy source and we have the best Solar Panels for Installation in Melbourne. Now you can energize your homes, offices, and workshops with the natural Solar Powe by just taking our services.

We ensure affordable panels for high quality Solar Power in Melbourne. Our accredited electricians offer reliable Solar Panels Installation so that Melbourne residents can now enjoy energy efficiency right in their homes. Your clean and green property deserves only the best setup for absorbing solar power. Rooftops will be decked with our superior panels in no time.

When you take our services, you only need to sit back and enjoy the continuous power supply from well engineered solar panels.


Expert Team

Our team members are professional, very friendly and are highly qualified. We have skilled engineers with extensive experience in the Solar Energy field and all of our installers have the CEC Accreditation.

Designing and installing solar systems is our specialty therefore we have the expertise to design the perfect solar solution for your individual needs, whether you need a small system for your home or a large system for your business.

Run Your Home On Solar Power 24/7

Now you can run the whole house with natural solar power. Properties become an asset with strategic Solar Panels Installation. Melbourne tenants and landlords will also enjoy lower electricity bills and there is no reduction in quality of the power supply either.


How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Low costs are guaranteed with the best Solar Panels Installation. People can enjoy savings in the range of $700 to $1000(2 to 3 kW). Savings increase up to $1500 or $3000 for 5 to 10 kW Solar Power heat and sun light will now work in your favour!


World Class Engineering

Efficient, Reliable, Affordable

We are proudly working with some of the most innovative, reliable, quality and value focused manufacturers, as well as highly qualified engineers. You get one of the worlds top solar systems installed for your home or office by CEC accredited electricians – at a surprisingly low price.


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