“It’s a labor of love, crafting a beautiful conversation starter; something that brings people together.”

Founded in 2011, Solana has quickly gained recognition for award-winning olives, grapes, and lavender. Prime location in the heart of central California, combined with our dedicated team of farmers, has produced some of the finest olive oil, wine, and lavender oil in the region. Our olives are a combination of hand and machine picked at the peak of ripeness and cold-pressed to extract the highest-quality olive oil, rich in flavor and aroma. Our vineyards are carefully tended to produce grapes of the finest quality for our wine. The grapes are harvested at the perfect moment and fermented using traditional winemaking techniques to create a complex, rich flavor. Our lavender fields are harvested for their essential oil, which is used in various products, including hand sanitizer and oils. Our wholehearted dedication to sustainability and quality has resulted in products that are not only of exceptional quality but are also good for the environment. For more information, Contact us on +19495000767


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