Sentry Pods

Sentry Pods is technically and tactically proficient. Our core values are the foundation of our ethos. We carry ourselves with integrity, humility, service and commitment. We use our years of military & technical expert.

SentryPODS® (Protective Overt Deployable Surveillance) are the world's most advanced remote surveillance solution. Developed by former military members, SentryPODS® are engineered to function much like tactical operators and gain access to video/resources within 3-5 minutes, with the primary focus being autonomous surveillance. The need for this technology obviously spans many industries as SentryPODS® run the gamut from tactical to technical. SentryPODS® are the preferred choice for perimeter security for many reasons. They contain intelligence at the edge, as well as built in redundancy for network/power failover. In the event of mayhem or local service outages, SentryPODS® seamlessly failover to an alternative network (in most cases, LTE) and internal batteries for independent functionality. Wherever critical infrastructure exists, SentryPODS provide a superior level of protection because of their autonomy.


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