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Besides protecting against ballistics and explosions, bulletproof front doors also function as regular entryways. Products that place security above all else can sacrifice essential functionalities necessary for normal operating conditions, such as the ability to communicate through storefront windows or pedestrians to see through storefront windows. There are simple signs that show business is continuing as usual - but such indicators can be affected by low-quality bulletproof products.

Take a look at the bulletproof glass. Window components made from ballistic-resistant materials are heavier and more expensive than standard components. It can be challenging to cut and size polymer-glass laminates, and they need a suitable frame to serve as a complete security solution. Ballistic-resistant windows have an increased cost and installation difficulty so that SDF can put on the back burner’s cosmetic appearance. In addition to helping with security, obtrusive bulletproof products can deter customers and contribute to an aggressive and unpleasant aesthetic.

The cost of bulletproof doors tends to be less than that of multilayered bulletproof glass storefronts and transaction accessories.

When it comes to bulletproof doors, how heavy are they? How will they affect day-to-day operations? Can a bulletproof door withstand the following conditions reliably? The purpose of this blog post is to answer all of these questions.

A look at bulletproof doors

Bulletproof doors are typically made of veneered wood or cold-rolled steel, both of which are ballistic-resistant materials.

With a solid core construction made from composite material reinforced with two layers of thick veneer, the bulletproof doors are manufactured with a high-quality opaque finish made from a close grain hardwood such as red oak. Steel bulletproof doors have been constructed of Hi-hard ballistic steel in hollow assemblies filled with foam insulation in addition to a composite of equivalent ballistic strength (UL approval).

Clear anodized aluminium door frames support them with equivalent UL ratings and continuous gear hinges. The factory can install doors as per customer specifications, including cylinders and mortise locksets. You can then customize your bulletproof door to meet your needs. The continuous gear hinge features a highly effective gear tooth mesh underneath a cap that runs the entire length of the hinge. Every day, workers can pass through these bulletproof front doors without feeling any discomfort due to the weight of the door. SDF can carry out daily operations as usual with clear vision panels that are also bullet-resistant.


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