Rscoin RSC Global Cryptocurrency


RSCOIN is an innovative digital payment system and a new kind of cryptocurrency that works globally just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. RSCOIN allows Private, Instant, Secure and privacy protected Transactions

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<p>RSCOIN is a peer to peer <a href=\"\">decentralized cryptocurrency</a> and a global network that works on cryptography&#39;s advance principles. RSCOIN was first introduced in the global market back in 2016. Since then, its network has significantly been maintained on the blockchain. Most of the existing currencies use the Proof-of-work algorithm (POW), which is not enough energy-efficient. The Proof of RSCOIN Network utilises Proof of Stake (POS) 3.0 algorithm that is more energy-efficient and provides cold staking, and allows every RSCOIN user to delegate their staking power to control stake the whole network.&nbsp;</p> <p>RSCOIN makes use of the&nbsp;<strong>Zero-Knowledge Proof</strong>&nbsp;(ZKP) that ensures ultimate privacy to the users. Transactions are confirmed with a fast Swift-X protocol. The network of Master-Nodes guarantees transactions. So, currency issuance, processing, and verification of transactions are done through network nodes rather than conventional miners and central authorities.</p>


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