Roth and Frankel Orthodontics

Bite issues can worsen an underlying oral health condition. Visit our orthodontist in Beverly Grove, Oak Park, or La Brea for braces and Invisalign. Looking for orthodontics in Beverly Grove, Oak Park, or La Brea?

Early intervention treatment, often known as \"phase 1 orthodontics,\" aims to make significant changes to your child\'s smile while their jaw is still developing and before all of their adult teeth have come in. Typically, children between the ages of 6 and 8 should use it. People wear braces or aligners by Orthodontics in Oak Park for both aesthetic and medical reasons. Teens can fix crooked teeth and get rid of the embarrassment they feel by using braces or Invisalign. People who have a bad bite and misaligned teeth may suffer from anxiety and sadness as well as low self-esteem. These issues can be resolved with the appropriate care. Each phase 1 treatment plan is unique since every child is unique. Palate expanders, which broaden the mouth and allow room for more teeth, and headgear, which corrects jaw growth and alignment, are common therapies utilised in early intervention treatment. In addition to these procedures, braces may be used to realign the teeth. Invisalign or braces may be desired by a patient to enhance their oral health. When teeth are crowded or crooked, it is challenging to adequately brush and floss them. Cavities, infections, or gum disease may result from this. Additionally unpleasant and painful, crooked teeth can be. In such circumstances, some people could feel pain while chewing. Many patients, especially adults, would prefer to hide their metal braces from view. Invisalign is a terrific option if you want something more discrete. When worn, your clear aligners will be absolutely undetectable and won\'t have any effect on your speech. If you don\'t want people to know about your Invisalign treatment, they don\'t have to!


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