QC Kinetix (Brandon)

Regenerative Medicine in Brandon, FL Alternative Treatments to Surgery for Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries We help patients suffering from conditions like joint pain, hair loss and low testosterone.

We've all hurt ourselves and needed a way to ease our pain. An injury, especially one to a joint, can be incredibly painful or even debilitating if it's not dealt with properly. That's why regenerative medicine in Brandon, FL is worth taking into consideration. Our Brandon regenerative medicine technique accelerates the creation of new biologics in your soft tissue and bones, which plays a direct role in pain reduction and recovery time. A fascinating aspect of our service is the sheer variety of tools we use to help clients achieve their goals. These include cold laser therapy and the latest in regenerative medicine. We also offer services for pain control, and athletic recovery in Brandon, FL. Our goal at  QC Kinetix (Brandon) is to raise the bar in health care by empowering people to take control of their health using the latest technology and research. This helps us stand out from traditional practices that treat symptoms instead of underlying causes.  We are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to wellness as a means to lifelong vitality and enjoyment of life's opportunities.


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