Provident Real Estate - Dubai

Provident Real Estate Dubai - proudly defines itself a leading real estate broker in UAE. Being an award winning real estate agency, ISO certified, EJARI regulated and certified by RERA.

Provident Estate, is one of the major leading 5 real estate companies in Dubai UAE and offers our valued clients the complete spectrum of well-designed real estate management services. Right from your first vision of owning, selling or leasing a property in Dubai, provident estate shows up time and again to be the best option. Whether you are an investor or an end user, we at provident estate provide you with a huge fresh exclusive property choice that meets your every preference, either directly from the developers or from resellers. Our vast property selections offer single units, apartments, villas, retail spaces, commercial offices, townhouses, holiday homes and towers, as well as investment tailored opportunities.

Being an award winning real estate agency, that is ISO Certified, Ejari regulated and certified by RERA, we are proven to be one of a kind and to be considered as your personalized real estate broker. The secret behind Provident's exceptional success lies in us providing customer satisfaction as our utmost priority. "Setting high standards" is our motto, but these are also customized standards that work alongside our valued clients' requirements and preferences.

We, at provident estate, believe that our client’s satisfaction is a continuous stream to be nurtured. Our job does not end when a deal is completed but rather starts again with another dimension of customer service. What makes us outstanding in the huge real estate market of Dubai is the unrivalled team commitment and professionalism that we are known to deliver, together with outstanding and well defined management services of the highest quality.

We not only have the latest cutting edge CRM and i.t. systems to provide you with total coverage of what is available, but pride ourselves with our large team of ultra-experienced multilinguist, highly trained, experienced and qualified property consultants who are well known and respected in the Dubai property market. We can honestly say that provident estate tops the pyramid of Dubai Real Estate agencies and brokers. our prestigious headquarters in Sheikh Zayed road dubai and in the financial district of business bay are at the heart of dubai city and we operates a 24/7 service always at your disposal after all, your optimum satisfaction is what we aim for and since property never sleeps we are there round the clock, growing your assets and finding your ultimate dream home or investment, that is our goal.



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