Priority1 POS

Priority1 POS is an industry leading POS hardware and software provider with the core purpose of helping businesses thrive with smart tech solutions. Priority1 POS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swipe Limited, Inc.

Market Driven POS Solutions Restaurants are a fast business and it often gets difficult to manage all the stacks of recipes and invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, inventory management in an orderly manner. With the right way to manage all these, the operational efficiency of your staff is affected and this serves as a block in every area of your business. Having the right POS solution is very important and thats where Priority1 POS comes into picture. Customer Focused We design our solutions and keep adding more features to make it easier for our end clients to manage and run their restaurant business efficiently. On-demand support Our support team is on standby to offer you instant resolutions to your concerns and make sure that your business operations do not come to a halt due to any reason. Easily Operated We develop seamless processes that make the system easy to operate and require only one time training to get the hang of the entire system. Best in the market With years of experience in the industry, we make sure that you get a solution that is multi-faceted and adaptable to all your needs. Priority1 POS is here to help you get the most out of growing business and its demands with our result-driven multifaceted point-of-sale system. We help businesses thrive in the present day competitive business world by providing cutting-edge technology that allows them to operate efficiently, smartly and cost effectively. Our products are designed to work in the favour of both staff and customers. We understand that when you purchase a point-of-sale system, it\'s a costly and a long-term decision, and we pride ourselves on working with you to provide you with the most up-to-date technology while keeping you within budget


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