Pet Stop of Columbus

Pet Stop Columbus is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc. GentleSteps is a trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc. Invisible Fence is a registered trademark of Radio Systems, Corp.

Providing people like you with the absolute best pet fence on the market, with the most advanced technology and the best possible service is what we do. You see, we are pet lovers - that\'s how we got into this business. With over 43 years experience in dog training and 31 years in the pet fence industry ... we have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with the best solution available. Link Introduction Now there\'s Link, an amazing breakthrough in pet fencing. With Link you\'ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will yur Pet Stop Dealer. Information like letting you know the collar needs to be charged or prompting you to make an adjustment to the over 1000 available settings. 5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Electric Pet Fence from Pet Stop Columbus Value for Money Pet Stop provides the best possible features and service at the most affordable price. Peace of Mind You want to keep your pet safe and have great service. Pet Stop has the highest containment rating in the industry and we would not have stayed in business for 19 years if you did not get great service! Better Technology Pet Stop has the most innovative and best technology available to provide you and your pet with the most practical and safest solution. Flexibility Our superior technology allows us to adapt the system to suit you and your pet. From adjustable settings to receivers that work with other major brands, we provide flexibility. Raving Fans Our clients are our biggest supporters. Whether it is an established veterinarian or a happy home owner, they are all happy that they decided to purchase a Pet Stop system.


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