Pediatric Liver Transplant


Liver transplant is advised in the children with liver failure. It is recommended in those cases where the child may not be able to sustain life without liver transplantation. The common condition in children that result

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A comprehensive evaluation of the health of the child is done before liver transplantation. Blood tests hold primary importance in successful liver transplantation because of risk management from rejection. Following are some of the tests conducted on the child before liver transplantation:

Blood tests: Various blood tests of the child are conducted to evaluate the emergency of liver transplantation. Tests conducted include bilirubin tests, liver function tests, level of proteins such as albumin and globulin and total protein levels, and clotting time.

Imaging tests: Imaging techniques such as ultrasound is needed to analyze the health of the liver, and associated blood vessels. This helps in determining the gravity of liver failure.

Liver biopsy: Liver biopsy can be done to identify the cause of liver failure. It is also done to determine the progression of the disease. 

Tests for successful transplants: For successful liver transplantation, various other tests are done. These include Blood group tests, function tests of vital organs such as kidney, heart and lungs and test for identifying the presence of viral antibodies that may also increase the risk of rejection.


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