Pat Buys Houses Cash

We are Pat Buys Houses Cash, we are ready to buy your home in its current condition. Our team has the opportunity to buy your home easily. If you need a solution, fill out the form below for a no-obligation deal, Contact

Pat Buys Houses Cash, We buy houses quickly, with no hassles at a fair price. We buy the property directly from you. We always make cash offers, so there are no worries about delays resulting from a buyer trying to qualify for a mortgage and wasting your valuable time. Furthermore, we buy in “as is” condition. No cleaning, repairs, or removal of unwanted personal property, giving relief from monthly expenses related to the property immediately.

We renovate and re-sale houses in Riverside, CA and surrounding Towns. We buy homes from home owners that, for any reason, don’t want to own their homes any more or need to sell quickly due to unexpected circumstances. We are real estate investors and cash buyers and our intention is be compensated after we buy, fix and renovate the house for our work and for assuming the inherited risks that come from buying a home that needs work. We understand that it is important for you to get a fair price for your home and that is why we take the time to meet in person and look at the house before submitting our offers.


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