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Orbi router is a Mesh Wi-Fi router. Connect it to the satellite and the modem via an Ethernet cable. After that, get the perfect solution. We have the experts for 24 and 7 hours. They will provide an instant solution.

Orbi pink light issue in your Orbi router is a serious issue. The satellite ring LED pulse pink for the following reasons. The WAN port link of your Orbi WiFi router will be down. The router and the Orbi satellite might not get the IP address from the modem or ISP. Or the router cannot connect to the Internet. Similarly, Orbi pulsing blue and magenta are other issues you may face. Is the Internet connection is blocked because of the low traffic meter? Then it will block your router to get internet. That is why you see Orbi pink light issue. When your internet traffic reaches the limit you need to configure it once again.



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