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Event #3 was another $300 No Limit Hold\'em Event (and another 16.33% for the house). Brett Thomas (pictured right) took down the 637 person field for first. But he had his work cut out for him. He had to go heads-up agai

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<p>10:57pm - Right now the House is debating the Port Safety bill, and should be moving to a vote soon. The Senate has apparently not voted yet, but we can expect that soon.</p> <p>Read the bill here. This is a conference report, which means it&#39;s a mix of the version that the Senate and House both already passed. The Dems wanted provisions for rail, buses, and other forms of mass transit. They&#39;re understandably pissed that their Port concerns were not included, but the internet gambling bill was.</p> <p>I love that the Republicans are being called out on this, but remember, this is a Port Security Bill, and we&#39;re in an election year. Short of a governmental miracle, this is passing.</p> <p>Rep. Shelly Berkley, D-Las Vegas</p> <p>&quot;Can he [King] please explain to me, if this is a Port Security bill, that we can&#39;t put protection and security for our buses, and Amtrak, and mass transit, and our railroads, how it is that we managed to put a ban on internet gaming?&quot;</p> <p>11:09pm - House just voted. Passed with Yeas vs. Nays. Now moving to a recorded vote. Make note of who votes Yes, take it with you in November.</p> <p>11:21pm - It&#39;s all formalities now. The Senate is going to pass this, they&#39;re just waiting for the House to end the Roll Call vote. Right now two people have voted Nay - one Republican and one Democrat. Once we the Thomas website is updated and we can find out who those are, I&#39;ll post it here. If you live in their districts, vote for them. If you don&#39;t, send an e-maill, make a phone call, whatever - let them know that you appreciate their courage.</p> <p>Some of my favorite posts from 2+2:</p> <p>I guess it is time to buy some seeds and grow pot. Thats legal right?</p> <p>gg <a href=\"\"><strong>QQWIN99</strong></a>. thanks for the memories.</p> <p>they can still change their votes, right?</p> <p>I think we can still runner runner runner runner runner this.</p> <p>11:55pm - Senate still has not received the bill, but again, it&#39;s just a formality. Up for QQWIN99 has a great post up where Otis analyzes the wording of the bill - give it a read, and expect legal minds to have thoughts on this soon. I for one, think it&#39;s time to join Otis in the drinking to excess plan. I&#39;ll leave you with this post from 2+2:</p> <p>Just remember, bills can be repealed.</p> <p>Vote Democrat in November!</p> <p>RE: Legislation Update</p> <p>Apparently it&#39;s too late ... the measure has already passed according to this site.</p> <p>King earlier said the text of the conference report had been completed and would be brought to the House floor tonight for a vote. House and Senate Republican leaders were trying earlier today to attach last-minute measures to the bill. The only one that survived was from Senate Majority Leader Frist that would crack down on Internet gambling, King said.</p> <p>So what does this mean? Well nothing changes until President George Bush signs it into law. And then, after it goes into effect, the best I can tell, the Feds have nine months to figure out how to handle enforcement.</p> <p>So the fight will go on ... it will just be time to shift gears.</p> <p>UPDATE: Sorry for the up-and-down teases ... but it&#39;s not done yet. Here&#39;s the update on the voting. Dewey defeats Truman!</p>

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