Om Bless Yoga

\"We at OM BLESS YOGA specialize in Hatha Yoga, an ancient classical form of Yoga that stresses the transformation of the body to attain spiritual perfection. I am internationally certified yoga teacher. In my life.

I have completed multiple teacher training programmes and got ‘ACHARYA’ degree from international Sivananda vedanta centres, india.
I am mother of 2 beautiful kids and nurturing them in a healthy way.
om bless yoga taught me living a healthy, content,peaceful life.Its a joyful investment in your body, mind and spirit.
I started yoga at a point where I was obese, depressed and my habits were unhealthy and yoga made me realised that .
Its been ten and more years that been in practicing and it has transformed me a better happier, healthier and fit person.
The same way my motto is to share my knowledge in yoga with this world for physical,mental and spiritual well being.
I believe with consistent practice, students can learn to live with more presence,patience and gratitude and courage .
Apart from yoga i like to bake, dance n gardening because it keeps me calm and relaxed ,gardening its a fun and relaxing way to get in touch with nature and how good it feels to keep something healthy


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