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Empower with captivating Digital Signage, delivering dynamic content that engages, informs, and elevates user experience, driving innovation and connection in the digital landscape.

Nento is an advanced technology company providing a highly effective platform that enables the business owner to capture customer data, analyze traffic patterns, demographics, dwell times etc, using the data to inform customized marketing campaigns to grow a successful business and increase revenue with Nento’s Smart WiFi. Our technology is compatible with the most common devices and can be used in any industry, from restaurants to health care centers. With over forty client-encouraging features, Nento’s Hub is designed to empower business owners by building beneficial relations with customers via a great variety of bulk SMS options. With its 98% open rate, the SMS marketing helps reach thousands of customers at a time by only one click! On top of that, our Hub offers a client-specific Loyalty Program to keep each of your customers satisfied and encourage them to return to your place again and again. The templates envisaged in the Nento platform will help you design and tailor effective event-and-time specific messages within minutes! Nento’s World Class Analytics enables the business owner to track customers’ behavior and reactions towards certain marketing tactics and analyze the dynamics in a business’s progress as a result of applying effective marketing triggers. Our technology is made to meet specific business needs! Nento is a fast-growing company valued by smart and successful businesses, such as Pizza Depot, Simposium Café, Mr. Greek, Pita Land, and many others. We are open to cooperation with other businesses on a white label basis to help them flourish!


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