Miami Hair Institute

Welcome to the Miami Hair Institute, formerly known as the Hair Transplant Institute Miami. We specialize in hair restoration surgery and medical treatment of hair loss for both men and women.

Our surgeons are among the pioneers of follicular unit transplantation and more importantly, they are experts at creating a natural appearance of the hairline. At the Miami Hair Institute, our approach is to treat each patient with the procedure that is right for their needs, while delivering a natural finished look. Our goal is to achieve the most natural appearance possible and create density as well. We are particularly interested in providing the most natural hairline and have written and lectured extensively regarding ways to achieve this. We believe that we have the skills and aesthetic knowledge to consistently obtain natural results. Generally, the front half of a balding area will require one session to produce satisfactory and natural-looking coverage. The back half or crown area can also be completed in one session. “Fill in” sessions can be done subsequently depending on the patient’s hair density objectives. In hair restoration surgery, a skilled, experienced surgical staff is essential to carry out the numerous steps required for a successful outcome. We employ a full time surgical staff, some which have over 25 years of experience working exclusively with us. Aside from their technical acumen, they are overwhelmingly compassionate and completely invested in our patients having a world class experience during their procedure.


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