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The primary care needs of your family are met by Dr.Livengood\'s integrative medicine approach, which combines the best conventional and alternative therapies.

Integrative medicine, which Dr.Livengood practices to satisfy your needs for primary care, combines the best modern and natural treatments. Autoimmunity, pain management, and hormone modulation are among the specialties. She is a researcher and always looks for the finest cures, the most recent discoveries, and the best goods for her patients. She was gaining cutting-edge knowledge in growth factors while treating autoimmune diseases. She created the best non-surgical hair restoration method because many autoimmune patients experience hair loss. It combines the best and strongest growth factors with cutting-edge methods and a unique blend of frequencies for low-level light therapy. A full medical history, physical examination, recommended blood tests, and a treatment plan is all included in your first appointment. As a result of our partnership\'s integrative strategy, both parties must put in the effort, and regular follow-ups are necessary to ensure we are making progress. Our doctor welcomes each person who enters the room with complete honesty and sincerity. Their philosophy is \"treat everyone like family and leave them feeling like gold.\" They work hard to provide every customer with the best care and service. As any insurance agreements do not bind us, we are always free to prioritize the needs of each patient. We offer several access points for patients to find the finest care possible. Also, we offer a variety of advantages for membership. Nearly every service one requires to get healthy and keep well is provided through our laboratories, prescriptions, primary care, collagen rejuvenation, and wellness memberships. A wellness membership program is created to help you \" get well\" or \"stay well\" with packages that offer consistent health-supporting therapies in an all-inclusive program. Because of your commitment to your health, you will receive the greatest value and best benefits. Book your appointment now! Other Details:- Owner Name: Dr. Elizabeth Livengood Number of Employees: 1 Year Established: 2016


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