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About the Business: Read the David Floyd & Associates Surveying and Mapping articles to learn about the importance of getting an elevation certificate in California.

Two possible reasons for your agent to request an elevation certificate:
First, they are trying to get you the best rate and know they can’t do that without an elevation certificate to show how high above or below the flood level your home is.
In the past, many insurance underwriters charged high fees just for being in the flood zone because Congress was paying the bill for much of the flood insurance across the country. It was brought to Congress’s attention that a home that was 1 inch below the flood level was being charged the same rate as one that was 5 feet below the flood level.
So, in 2012, Congress passed the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act, which among other things, requires that insurance companies obtain an elevation certificate prior to providing even a quote on flood insurance for all government-backed loans. This was to check and prove they are not overcharging.
Second, you are refinancing your home or getting a loan that is government-backed like a GI Loan or HUD, which requires that the insurance agent has an elevation certificate prior to quoting any rates (for the reasons stated above). Any questions feel free to email us or If you're ready to place your order, visit our Pricing page and purchase the items needed for your area.


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