Kiskeya Kitchen

Kiskeya Kitchen is a family owned restaurant in New Hyde Park, NY. Kiskeya Kitchen serves authentic Caribbean and Dominic cuisine, Spanish, and Mexican dishes traditionally.

Kiskeya Kitchen is a family-owned and operated restaurant located in New Hyde Park, NY, serving authentic Dominican and Caribbean cuisine with ample appetizers, meat and seafood dishes, sides, beverages, and a wide variety of family meal options to suit any taste. From mofongos to empanadas, we can customize any dish so you can relish each bite’s flavorful taste. Founded in 2012, Kiskeya Kitchen serves authentic Dominican, Spanish, and Mexican dishes, including traditional Latin cuisine in its purest form. Kiskeya prides itself on the diverse variety of options available on our menu. All-day specials like baked chicken and pollo guisado remain our bestsellers, and there is also something for beef, pork, or stew lovers as well. Not only is the Kiskeya menu traditionally rich with recipes passed over several generations, but we are also dedicated to sourcing ingredients locally and keeping our dishes as simple as possible with organic farm-fresh products; if we can’t find them locally, we won’t use them! Such a delicious combination of tasteful presentation and rich flavors is what makes Kiskeya Kitchen New York’s top spot when you’re looking for good times or authentic meals that provide joy from within. We are pleased to cater to all events and are open Monday through Saturday for takeaway and delivery.


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