King Noodle

Asian Food in Cedar Park.King Noodle is where cultures and cuisines come together. This atypical restaurant brings the best of three cuisines—Vietnamese and Chinese— and their most popular dishes to one locale.

King Noodle is the place for a healthy and delectable dining experience. Vietnamese and Chinese food, with its abundance of fresh ingredients and very little deep-fat frying, is naturally healthy and low-calorie. Specializing in these cuisines, King Noodle emphasizes flavors and attention to detail. We use only top-quality ingredients in all our products and serve these products in an environment which reflects our high standards. The restaurant’s name and logo takes on Vietnam’s national signature dish, pho (pronounced fuh), a noodle soup with flavorful components customarily stocked with rice noodles, meats, and exotic herbs and spices. A dish that can be enjoyed at all times of the day, pho cleverly provides all the necessary nourishment in one convenient bowl. It is THE soup to eat.


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