Kathy Henderson for DC Council

Kathy Henderson as the Ward 5 Councilmember is a firebrand and an independent leader. She has chosen to forgo the ANC 5D spot and focused on the development.

Commissioner Kathy Henderson as an ANC chairperson has proven her abilities. Zachary Parker is the candidate with experience in serving the ward 5 neighborhood.

ANC Kathy Henderson being a deplorable public servant and the Chairperson ANC 5D is serving as a catalyst towards development of the community and people.

Ward 5 Community Leader is a very important position in Washington, DC. These leaders are elected by ANC 5D05 and represent the district at the city level. They have the responsibility of representing the interests of their constituents, advocating for their needs, and providing them with assistance where necessary. 

The Ward 5 Community Leader is a key figure in this effort, dedicating time and energy to working with community members on issues ranging from crime prevention to education initiatives.


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